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This web-site exists to honor Wally Moyers Sr’s musical legacy. The son of a musical family, he started taking steel guitar lessons in 1948 at the age of 13, and played until his passing in 1991.


In 1990, Wally recorded an album with 10 songs, including six originals.  On the album are several "short takes", as he called them, that includes recordings all the way back to the beginning of his playing career.


Now after 25 years, the family has decided to offer Wally’s album to you as a free download! There is a slide show on the site with photos of his musical journey, with his music playing in the background. Also included, is a gallery of these photos.  


As you will hear, he was a great Pedal Steel player, but was also a very accomplished guitar and dobro player as well. Through the years he played with many local bands in the West Texas area and toured or played with many well known artists. Over his career he either produced, or had the original idea to produce many shows that would offer young musicians and singers the opportunity to showcase their talent.  Some of these include the 'KLLL Hootenanny' in the 60s, and in the 80s, the WTMA’s 'West Texas Family Music Festival'.


His musical life has touched many, either directly or indirectly. His sons are all musicians.  Ricky and Randy Moyers both played drums in his bands for many years, and Ricky continues to play percussion at his church and at other events. Wally Jr., also a pedal steel player, continues to play professionally, and along with his family, owns and operates a recording studio and A/V/L company (Moyers Group) managed by LaTronda, Jeremy, Swade and Kim Moyers.  His Grandsons, Swade and Jeremy Moyers, both attended South Plains College and studied music and sound techniques.  Jeremy toured playing pedal steel, guitar, slide guitar and banjo for eight years with Lonestar, playing the Grand Ole’ Opry, the Tonight Show and many other notable shows and venues.  Jeremy still plays with Lonestar occasionally, while managing Moyers Group in Cartersville, Georgia. Wally Sr. also has two younger Grandsons and three Great Grandsons that are already playing music. As you can tell, Wally Moyers Sr’s legacy lives on!


Soon this site will include a book that Wally wrote about the Lubbock and West Texas music scene, offering an unique perspective of a musician’s life, living, and working in West Texas through the years.


If you have any memories of Wally or just want to comment, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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